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At TBG you’ll be challenged and inspired. Whatever your role here, you’ll be part of making a difference in healthcare.



Our Staff:

Our employees are:

Our employees care about healthcare and about giving clinicians back the time they need to be with their patients. Everyone helps make that happen.

Our focus on health means we encourage people to be active. We also organize some friendly, healthy competitions to bring that attitude to the workplace; it shows in the energy people bring to their jobs every day.

To be the best in our business, we need to be innovative, flexible, and adaptive. The creativity we employ shows in how we work, how we face challenges, and how we succeed.



Our Promise:

The Promise Award Story
The Breakaway Group began its journey in July 2000 with a mission to change the way healthcare professionals adopt new technologies. At that time, we were three employees. From its inception, TBG employees built the organization by establishing relationships with high integrity and unfailing efforts “To Always Leave More Than We Take.” Eventually, this became our Promise.  This Promise not only assists in the overall definition of “who we are” but is the primary motivation for the existence of our organization as we seek to significantly advance the way healthcare workers learn and improve. As TBG grew, it became apparent that our interactions with clients, partners and with each other provide opportunities to recognize those who live the promise in extraordinary ways. We wanted to reward and recognize those who embody these values, so we created a physical symbol that represents the Promise and keeps it visually alive: the Promise Award.

Glass, specifically hand-blown crystal, would provide the analogy for our Promise, with a TBG Green dye that lives within a flute that balances clear perfection with passion and discipline.  Each year, a particular wood is chosen for its unique meaning and creates a solid and unique base for every Award.

The nomination process has remained the same since the Award’s origination. Employees submit the name of a coworker who has made a true impact beyond their job description; someone who takes those extra steps and leaves more than they take each and every day.  The Award cannot be won, only received; it is not a popularity contest or for those that achieve certain results. Rather, the Award is received because a coworker recognizes those qualities in someone else and takes the time to tell the story. In a way, the nomination process is even more important than receiving the Award. Because each Award recipient has also nominated someone, they are living the Promise and truly exhibiting the essence of the Award.  By definition, only people can deliver and receive a promise.  Therefore Our Promise facilitates a human-to-human connection; a link that initiates a powerful opportunity to make every interaction priceless.

Our employees also nominate clients to receive the Promise award and one client is selected each year to receive the award.  Those selected truly live the Promise each day with their patients, us as their partner and each other.  Client recipients also embody a similar giving culture to our culture here at TBG.

In addition to receiving the award, employee recipients are recognized by a drawn representation of the Award on their business cards, in their email signatures, and on a lapel pin. Along with the honor of recognition, recipients have the responsibility of carrying on the meaning of the Award and helping to ensure that the Promise stays embedded in The Breakaway Group’s culture.



Our Benefits:

At our newly renovated facility, our employees enjoy a healthy culture as well as medical benefits and a foosball table:

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Coverage
  • Health Savings Account
  • Health Incentives
  • 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • Basic and Voluntary Life and Accidental Death Coverage
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Onsite Fitness Facility
  • Onsite Café
  • Volunteer Opportunities